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Woodstock Fair Breaks Sales Record Each Day!

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Woodstock Fair Breaks Sales Record Each Day!

Loot Bag2One of Connecticut’s largest state fairs, the Woodstock Fair located in Woodstock, Connecticut has finally come to a close.  The inventory was packed up, the tent was hauled away and the beans were counted.  It was the perfect end to a massive 4-day show of 15-hour work days.

When the show started September 4th, I quickly realized that the crowds were hungrier and unlike any shows I vended at before.  My 10′ x 10′ concession booth became a hub for spice-craving fans and people who wanted gifts for chiliheads.

The Woodstock fair was my debut of the Gift Bag, a nice red bag with a bottle of each of my flavors, and choice of keychain at a bargain price.  Tent2By the evening of the 5th, I had sold out of all 250 gift bags I brought to the fair, a rookie mistake underestimating my inventory.

Sunday brought 50% greater sales than Saturday, which previously eclipsed my best-day sales by nearly 100% itself.  I was fortunate to have been acquainted with a talented young woman named Danielle who did a superb job of sales and tastings with customers from open to close each day.

Sam & Oliver will be attending the North Haven Fair, in North Haven Connecticut this Thursday, the 10th.  If you’re in the area, please stop by and say hello!

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