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Screamsicle sells out in 5-1/2 days online

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Screamsicle sells out in 5-1/2 days online

Screamsicle, our latest flavor and second Signature Series product featuring Seville Oranges, Almond and Reapers, has sold out within 6 days from going live.  Fans have loved it so much, many have returned to purchase multiple bottles two or three times within a few days.

Screamsicle, like Razerberry, is part of our Signature Series that focuses on the roots and core concepts of Sam & Oliver, when making sauces was a new discovery, a challenge and a sense of pride and accomplishment.  From the sourcing of the fruit, to lugging all our equipment to a certified kitchen, to burning our fingers as we apply labels to hot bottles… every bit is just as fun and sauceworthy as it was 9 years ago, well before we decided to do this full-time.

To all our fans, we thank you.  Your interest and enjoyment has kept us going.  Look for the next batch of Screamsicle as soon as we can snag enough oranges!

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