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Cranksgiving joins the Signature Series lineup, with a catch

Everyone loves the holidays, but nobody has a spicy cranberry dressing quite like we do…

When you think of cranberries during the holidays, most people picture the old tin can rings on the traditional wobbly jelly loaf.  Open the can, puncture the end, and *plop* onto the plate it goes.

Photo by DebbiSmirnoff via Getty Images

That cool, smooth jelly seems to work wonders on everything from turkey, to mashed potatoes, to left over snack sandwiches in the middle of the night.

But what if we were to tell you that this jiggly dish could be changed to a heavenly hot sauce, hand crafted for hours over a stove, and combined with wholesome ingredients like lemon, spices and agave nectar, then spiked with fiery Carolina reapers?

We proudly present to you our latest culinary product, Cranksgiving. This is a Cranberry reaper sauce with a fiery twist, that’s not as fierce as Razerberry, Screamsicle or Grapeyard.  We wanted to present this sauce so everyone could enjoy the blissful flavor of this fully armed and operational hot sauce.

You won’t want to wait on this one, as this sauce is only being produced in micro-batch form, hand crafted, hand filled and each hand signed.  At the stroke of midnight, on New Years, it won’t be made again until October, 2019!  Don’t miss out!

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Pardon the Maintenance, We’re Improving Our Checkout Process

Recently we changed card processing companies, so we’re using Square as default for our customers to use while paying.  The process should be even easier, allowing you to both pay for your purchases on-site without having to log in again, and to provide the option to save your information in a secure, encrypted manor for future visits.

If you run into any issues, please use our contact form and let us know…

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Come See Us at the Bowers Chile Pepper Festival Sept 7 & 8

If you’re in the area of Bowers, PA on September 7th and 8th… swing by the Chile Pepper Food Festival.  From 9 am to 6 pm, rain or shine… You won’t be disappointed.

Music, Pepper eating contests, Free Parking and of course… Sam & Oliver hot sauces!

Address is Bill DeLong Memorial Park, Bowers, PA 19511

Click HERE for the official site

Here’s some of our friends that are going too!

Make sure to swing by and see what they have…

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We Want Your Opinion!

What flavors do you want us to make next?

We’re asking for your feedback.  You’ve had the Raspberry Vanilla.  You’ve loved the Orange Amaretto.  But what dessert hot sauce do you want to see next?

Lemon-Pear? Strawberry-Vanilla? Straight Grape? Cranberry-Apple-Cinnamon?

Comment below.  You can be part of something deliciously hot!

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Screamsicle sells out in 5-1/2 days online

Screamsicle, our latest flavor and second Signature Series product featuring Seville Oranges, Almond and Reapers, has sold out within 6 days from going live.  Fans have loved it so much, many have returned to purchase multiple bottles two or three times within a few days.

Screamsicle, like Razerberry, is part of our Signature Series that focuses on the roots and core concepts of Sam & Oliver, when making sauces was a new discovery, a challenge and a sense of pride and accomplishment.  From the sourcing of the fruit, to lugging all our equipment to a certified kitchen, to burning our fingers as we apply labels to hot bottles… every bit is just as fun and sauceworthy as it was 9 years ago, well before we decided to do this full-time.

To all our fans, we thank you.  Your interest and enjoyment has kept us going.  Look for the next batch of Screamsicle as soon as we can snag enough oranges!

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Screamsicle Pre-Orders End 7/31

Screamsicle, our 9th product and 2nd Signature Series micro-batch sauce will end pre-orders at midnight, 7/31 in preparation of the product release on 8/1.

We thank all our awesome customers who have participated in this pre-order event.  Without your support, producing these awesome sauces just wouldn’t be as fun!