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Our Newest Product: Sparks

Meet our newest product, and 4th product line!
Sparks BBQ Seasoning is a great way to season bbq, grill or finish a dish. Hot smoked Hungarian paprika and Roasted Garlic, with a nice Cayenne kick!

Upcoming Events & Shows

Looking for our next event? Want to test our products in person? We’ve put together a massive list of all our upcoming shows for the next 24 months in one spot for you!

Mind Flay Kickstarter Project

Come be part of something wonderful! We’re seeking backers who want to help produce our award winning Mind Flay and score yourself some spicy rewards!
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In The Test Kitchen

We love cooking up new ideas all the time. Not everything makes it to the finish line, but it sure is fun along the way. Here’s an insight to what we’ve got brewing.


Our Inspiration

Why are we the way we are? Come learn more about Oliver and Sam, our black pug mascot brothers and how they inspire us to make the best sauces we can.

Come Work With Us!

Interested in working with us as we grow? Interested in carrying our products in your specialty store? Interested in making some extra money slinging hot sauce with our awesome crew?


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Robbin Hood makes off with our products at the CT Renaissance Fair - 2017
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